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This Web site is an educational resource developed in conjunction with the Walker Art Center exhibition Kara Walker: My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love, the first full-scale U.S. museum survey of the work of American artist Kara Walker. The site, designed for educators at the high school and college levels, general museum visitors, and community group leaders, can be used to both prepare for viewing the exhibition and to engage groups in dialogue about the artist's work.

The resource includes a brief biography of the artist, an overview of the techniques and media she employs, an introduction to themes in her work, suggested modes of response, and an Annotated Resource List. Additional information about related programs has been gathered for various types of users. Look for reading- and age-level recommendations in the citations of the Annotated Resource List.

For additional information about Kara Walker on the Walker Art Center website, click here.

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